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Joining our club, AI CLUB, is not a cumbersome process. AI CLUB offers its membership to the aspirants just by undergoing straight and simple process. It's a gateway to avail the benefits of our wide range of products and services.

1. A copy of voter's id or pass port.
2. A Copy of Driving Licence.
3. Declaration containing complete information regarding the family members of the aspirant individuals.
4. Signing of Membership Agreement.
Note: Agreement and declaration letter will be provided by our side.
1. A cheque ofRs. 5,000/-(Rupees Five thousandOnly) for Membership fee.
2. A cheque of Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five thousandOnly) as security (which will be deposited only when the member will take the first product and will be refunded     after the completion of the tenure of Membership which is One Year).
3. A cheque ofRs 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousandOnly) as additional security(will be deposited only in case of any damages or loss of product).


1. Members can use our current and future products just for Rs. 200/- (Two Hundred Only) per product per day which can be adjusted against membership fees (i.e.     Rs. 5000/- as mentioned above).

2. Member can take all the Twenty five products (out of the details given on the main page) for one time or any one product for Twenty five days in the entire tenure     which is One Year. Means every member will get Twenty five chances of using one product or One chance of using all twenty five products.

3. Members can use any vehicle and can take the same anywhere in the country by paying according to the kilometers . AS in one chance of opting for any vehicle he     will get Twenty five Kilometers free.

4. Member can order the product which is needed to be delivered at their door step ( like Recliner massager ,Treadmill , cycles , superway,etc ) by the facility     provided by the club of Maruti Eco Van in which member will be charged one chance of opting products out of the twenty five chances or if the distance is more     than twenty kilometers(both sides ) then it will be charged as Rupee TEN PER Kilometer.

5. Member can reduce the cost of the products by using it more . Because the motive of the club is very clear to spend less and get more.

6. All the members are eligible of using all the current and future products irrespective of their corresponding levels.


1. Members will categorised into 10 different levels.

2. First three levels are same and accordingly, members can analyze that their needs are being satisfied by their currentusage frequency of product(s)or they want the products more frequently or for more days. And if it is so the levels would work like it detailed below :-

First Level Twenty Five Days
Second Level Twenty Five Days
Third Level Twenty Five days
Forth Level Twenty Five days + Thirty Five Days
Fifth Level Twenty Five days
Sixth Level Twenty Five Days
Seventh Level Twenty Five Days + One Fifty Five Days

3. When the Member reach at the 4th level which will be treated as a "SILVER CARD" Member will get One Thirty Five chances/days instead of Hundred chances/days and if the same will reach at 7th level which will be treated as "GOLD CARD" Member will get Three Hundred Sixty Five chances/days instead of One Seventy Five chances/days.

4. Every level has the validity of One year and every level has the same cost i.e Rupees Five Thousand. When member reach at this particular stage of Seventh Level which shows he/she is enjoying the facilities of the club , then club has something more to offer to the privileged members . Member can directly switch over tothe 10th Level which will be treated as "PLATINUM CARD" Member will have FIVE HUNDERED DAYS and the validity of Two Years , and the Platinum Card holders will get the opportunity of enjoying all the top facilities which will be introduced in early future by the club .

5. Further, if anything is not clear or still have any queries regarding membership, products, etc.,please don't hesitate in contacting us. Our contact numbers are availableon our website i.e. www.superbikesonrent.in







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